Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Parenting Styles

I have long admired one of my friends in particular for her mothering skills. At times, I have felt the disappointing feelings of jealousy as I've watched her children grow and develop from afar, comparing my own kids and their lack of success in certain areas, and feeling like not only I, but my kids have come up short.

I've always thought that it is a pretty dangerous thing to compare parenting styles. People are different and we all face unique challenges. But that can be pretty hard to avoid, even when our intentions are good.

I recently had the opportunity to get together with that friend. Our kids had a good time together playing and spending time together. Our time together confirmed my long held belief that my friend is a great mother. But I also realized something important. My friend and I parent differently because we value different things. Our children reflect those values pretty darn well. I watched her kids do some great things, because of how she parented her children. And I watched my children do some different great things, because of the things I value and have tried to incorporate in our family. I am a pretty great mother too. I have had different challenges than my friend--health challenges in particular. My children are different too and have their own struggles. I've adapted to those challenges and we are growing together. Likewise my friend has faced her own personal challenges, along with the individual challenges her children present to her.

I am so glad that we were able to get together again. I feel great about myself and my friend, knowing that neither of us are lacking. AND we both have great kids.


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