Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thoughts on Moses 1

I'm excited to be studying the Old Testament in Sunday School this year. Actually, I'm just excited to be at Sunday School this year, period---as I have been in Primary for over a decade.

Last Sunday our teacher pointed out that the first chapter in Moses was originally in the Old Testament but that it was removed. He asked us to think about what it contains that Satan wouldn't want to be in the Bible.

There were lots of comments and good ideas shared. I had a couple thoughts that I didn't get to share in class because time was limited.

1) The Adversary has managed to get people to believe that God doesn't have a body and is unfair and unjust. In other words, he has helped the world believe in a God that more resembles himself (Satan) than God.

2) Bodies are really, really important and those who rejected God's plan don't ever get to have a body. So Satan and his followers have worked really hard to make those of us who followed God's plan hate our bodies. Many Christian theologies likewise believe that eternal glory means not having a body at all.
Our current media saturated society is heavily built on the idea that our bodies are terrible and encourages abuse upon abuse of our bodies.

I have just a few weeks left before I have my sixth child. Right now my body hurts. My legs and hips ache. My back aches from the heavy burden I carry in front. I don't sleep well. What I really want to do is lay on a couch all day and sleep, but I can't because of all the people who depend on me. It has been so tempting for me to despise this body and part of this process because it is so difficult and painful. But thinking about how important our bodies are, makes me so grateful that I actually get to have this experience. I am sacrificing my body in a very real way to bring a new body into this world. A body like mine--that will hopefully someday have the privilege of bearing children of her own.



Cheryl said...

I love Moses 1! The other thing we discussed in church was that satan has done a good job of convincing people that he doesn't exist, either. That he's not a real person.

I know what you mean about sacrificing our bodies for more bodies... and what a miracle it is! Good luck with the last part of pregnancy. I know it's tough!

Handsfullmom said...

Interesting points, especially #1. I'd never thought about it that way.

I think we also have the opposite problem in our society, where if we're not abusing our bodies, we are worshiping them, nipping and tucking and exercising to an extreme, etc.