Sunday, November 16, 2014

On a Sunday

Sometimes I feel that Sundays are so full that I don't really get to rest or rejuvenate as much as I would like. This morning I was awake by 7 am and the day was jammed full. . . Somehow, it was rejuvenating. These are some moments that I hope to remember.

My oldest son dressed the baby in her very frilly dress. He talked and soothed her as he wrestled with the dress. He is going to be a great father one day.

My third son brought his knitting to church. He has been diligently working on a scarf. The knitting kept his hands busy, which left his ears open to listen. He was much more reverent today. I'm going to make sure that he has something to keep his hands busy in the future because it made the meeting go much smoother for everyone in the family.

My two daughters wore matching dresses. They both looked so pretty and sweet.

Two of the speakers in Sacrament Meeting were particularly good. One sister, whose English is halting, gave a wonderful talk in Spanish filled with wisdom about families. Her husband then delivered his speech in English, which was surely a great challenge. I was touched by their efforts and their dedication to do hard things.

We discussed Elder Holland's talk about the cost and blessings of discipleship. I was touched by the stories of converts in our ward shared the cost and challenges they had faced by joining the church. I haven't sacrificed so much and yet have been so blessed.

My daughter's friends were baptized today in a beautiful ceremony. The room was full of happy people.

Our wood stove is warm and makes our home feel cozy. My husband is handsome and loves me.


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