Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pictures from a Las Vegas Wedding

My niece got married at the Las Vegas Temple over the weekend. It was a beautiful wedding. We took some wonderful pictures there. Here are some of my favorites.
 My darling nieces, Hallie and Leslie. 
 Hunter, my nephew.
My sister, Shelly, and Winter. 
My nieces, Ashelly and Jessica, with their friend, Becca.
 Two of my nephews, Riley and Spencer.
 My sister, Stephanie and Winter.
 My sister, Nicole, with her husband, Morgan, and their daughter, Leslie.
 Nicole and Leslie.
 My niece, Katie, and her new husband, Rick.
 My niece, Lindsey and her son, Grayson. My niece, Kylie and Cami, the wife of my nephew, Matthew.
 My beautiful mama and me.
 My mom, my sister, Lori, and her children, Hallie and Hunter.
 Nicole and I with our babies, Leslie and Winter.
 The babies, Leslie and Winter, were not impressed with their pretty dresses. They griped and complained to one another, which was completely adorable.
 Pretty Winter and me. 
 My sister, Lori, and Winter.
 My sisters, Lori and Nicole, holding Winter.
 Nicole and Winter
 My nieces, Hallie, Hattie, and Sophie
 Nicole and me holding our babies. Leslie and Winter were not impressed with being swapped. Neither baby liked that their mamas were holding the other one.
 Me holding Leslie. She was not happy. She just wanted her mama, not her aunt!
 My dear dad.
 Dad and Nicole
 Dad and Shelly
 Dad and Stephanie
 Mom and Dad with seven of the eight girls: Amy, Nicole, Mom, Dad, Stephanie, Shelly, Lori, Trisha, and me.
 My sister, Amy with her husband, Greg, and their daughter, Katie with her new husband, Rick.
 My sisters, Shelly and Amy.
 My three older sisters, Shelly, Amy, and Stephanie. I am number four in our family.
 Driving down the strip in Las Vegas after the wedding.
 Leslie was so tired after the wedding.
 Winter was also grumpy.
My niece, Katie with her husband, Rick, and me.


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