Tuesday, December 29, 2015

October 2015 Review

Falling Leaves

Fall has descended upon our house. With hundreds of trees encircling our property, we have a lot of leaves and acorns to deal with. The leaves cover the lawn, the driveway, and just about every surface they encounter. I spent a lot of time on my own raking leaves. I hired someone to also rake for a few days. And then the Elders came out and raked some more. (As of December, there are still a few patches, but they aren't bad.) Just when we raked a patch, more leaves would come down. Despite the massive amount of work that it requires to deal with the leaves- and they must be dealt with or they kill the grass, I love this season. It smells nice and it is simply beautiful!

Walter's Birthday

Walter turned 16 this month. I don't even have the words to deal with this big change. He is changing. I see it everyday. He has had a rough few months, dealing with headaches and stress. He has been running cross-country but has been challenged with painful migraines. He also got several teeth pulled for his braces. Poor kid. Because he had so much on his plate, he opted for a family dinner to celebrate his special day. I made him kebsa.

Jonathan's Birthday

Jonathan turned 6 at the end of the month. He was so cute and happy about his special day. We had a fun birthday party for him. He is still super sweet and very snuggly.


Halloween was halloween. The kids wore costumes and went trick or treating. I was cranky and tired and ended up staying home.


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