Saturday, January 2, 2016

Our Top 15 Memorable Moments from 2015

We had a normal, busy year in New York. My kids all remarked that it was unusual that we weren't packing up moving to another home or country. I rather liked the stability of being in one place. 

1) Trent wrestled and did track this year. He was great and I'm proud of his efforts.

2) We had a terrific time in February playing tourist in New York. We enjoyed a couple trips to NYC to visit museums and play on Times Square. We also enjoyed activities closer to home, like cross-country skiing.

 3) We had a lot of snow this year. It certainly wasn't convenient in terms of driving, heating or school. But it was magical to see that lovely snow coat the ground and transform the area.

4) Seeing Brooke perform as a street vendor in Aladdin at her school's musical was so much fun. She was animated and focused. Now, as a fourth grader, she auditioned for and was cast as Annie. She will share the role with two other girls. I'm looking forward to her performance in March.

5) In April, we welcomed Florian, an exchange student from France. He stayed with us for 10 days. He was polite and curious. Hopefully, he enjoyed the outings we arranged. He did not seem to be overwhelmed by our numbers.

6) My sister, Nicole, visited me in May. We had hilarious moments at Kathleen's Tea Room, enjoyed exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Leslie and Winter alternately liked and disliked one another.

7) Getting to spend time with friends was really great. In the summer, we saw Alana, a friend we made in Saudi Arabia.

We got to hang out with the Karumo family, friends from Finland.

In November, we spent a few days with the Vance family, friends from Sweden.

8) The end and beginning of school. I love it when my kids get out of school for the summer. I also love it when they go to school.

 9) I finally got a chance to have a decent Independence Day Celebration. I hate how New York doesn't celebrate Independence Day. This year we went to the concert at West Point. The Mo-tab sang and it was beautiful.

10) I ordered roses and they grew a few beautiful flowers!!!

11) Visiting the magnificent Yellowstone National Park and seeing big herds of bison was awe-inspiring. We loved spending time with the Dougall family.

13) We loved spending time with cousins this summer. Brooke and Hallie especially loved being together.

14) The beach, the lake, and the ocean are wonderful places to relax and play.

 15) Enjoying the Adirondacks with friends was a wonderful treat.


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