Thursday, September 4, 2014

The First Day of School 2014--in bits and pieces

- My oldest son was so anxious to get to his first day of high school that he had his dad drive him 20 minutes early. When they arrived at the school, he was confronted with a horde of Seniors welcoming the teachers to school. Unsure of what to do, he held back, but then pushed forward and went inside.

- The next two boys refused my offer to drive them to school and opted to take the bus. The youngest two also rejected my offer. The bus driver was a little shocked my youngest son climbed on the bus. He is so short that his little legs almost couldn't make that first step.

-The oldest boy came home after school charged and excited to run for an office in student government. My boy--my shyest and least likely to get engaged boy--running for student government. So excited for him-even if he doesn't get elected. Seems like he has found his place in our new town.

-My second son stayed at school for a meeting about soccer. Frankly, I am a little nervous for his coach. My boy is great--but there is that frightening energy that I have never seen anyone successfully channel.

-My third son beamed with happiness after his first day of middle school. Found some friends from last year and hopefully made some new ones. He managed to figure out moving between classes. I think it is gonna be a good year.

-My kindergartener popped off the bus sporting a homemade crown that said, "I ROCKED my first day of kindergarten." He face was split in a grin so wide he could have fit a whole slice of watermelon in it.

-My daughter was thrilled to reconnect with her BFF. She had a weird homework assignment that tested both of our creativity. I hate finding groups of things.

-I was gifted with a stack of forms to sign and fill out. The best part of it was when I had to figure out which child I had to sign the paper for. This is what happens when you have five children in school.

-My third son wanted to change instruments this year. On his own, he spoke to his band teacher about it. She said that she really needed him on his original instrument because he is a leader in his section. He was so proud telling me that "he is a leader". And he is--he truly has a gift for music.


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