Sunday, September 11, 2016

Spiritual Sunday: Thoughts from Church Today

Lots of good things from church today that I heard and felt.

First, our Sacrament Meeting explored the question of how we come to receive answers and a testimony. My friend, who is a professor of Biology at a university, talked about the scientific method-which really appealed to me. She also referenced a book by Wendy Watson Nelson called, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, where Sister Nelson challenges readers to go to the scriptures with our questions.

My friend's talk made me consider the questions I have in my life, whether they are about spiritual matters or not, and how they weigh on my heart and mind.

In Sunday School we talked about how to avoid being susceptible to flattery and deception. It occurred to me that prayer and constant scripture study provide a tuning fork of sorts to efficiently help you find the truth. It can be so easy to be overwhelmed by untruth and deceit. It takes a lot of wisdom and work to discern truth.

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