Thursday, September 8, 2016

Throwback Thursday: The Storm Will End

Sometimes you get thrown into a storm that you didn't anticipate and it is shocking, paralyzing, terrifying, frustrating, scary, and also infuriating. I'm in the middle of storm that likely feels bigger than it is in reality. Today as I've been trying to process what happened, rethinking my own actions and mistakes, I am reminded that storms do blow over and end. In that spirit, here are a few storms I've faced that have blown over:

  • When I was diagnosed with lupus, I imagined the pain and challenge of the disease would haunt me forever. I still deal with lupus, but I am not riding out the lupus storm all the time anymore.
  • Losing a much-wanted baby through miscarriage was unbelievably painful but I don't carry a heavy load of grief anymore.
  • My five older kids did learn to potty train. None of them wear diapers anymore. There was a time I wasn't sure that would happen.
  • We almost got sued by a very angry landlord a few years ago. It was a heck of a storm and we were battered and bruised, but we recovered financially, emotionally, and physically.
  • I have watched people make big mistakes that they were able to recover from and are living happy lives now.
  • Labor doesn't go on forever, thank goodness. The contractions do end and a beautiful baby comes out to hold and love.
  • Children don't stay in the toddler phase forever, although they do revisit it from time to time.
  • My husband and I have weathered marital arguments more times than I care to count, but we keep surviving them. 
  • Hurricanes, Super Storms, and big winter storms eventually come to an end. Sometimes the aftermath must be dealt with for years to come, but they do end.

What have you learned from riding out big storms in your life? How do you keep yourself going during those tough moments?


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