Monday, February 22, 2016

Mothering Monday: Mindful Mothering

I only recently learned about the concept of mindfulness, to be present and observant in the moment. There are times when I kind of space out when doing my mom thing. I don't listen to every word my kids say, especially when they are talking about Pokemon. I also try to tune out arguments so I don't lose my temper. And sometimes, I go inside of myself to regroup. However, I do appreciate the value of being mindful, especially with parenting. With that thought in mind, here are a few things I want to remember about right now--February 2016.

1) I want to remember how my kids helped as my husband and I worked on our bedroom makeover. They helped cut, measure and paint. Several times, I watched my husband teach my older sons the finer points of building.

2) I want to remember how eager my daughter is to help and do things by herself, like scramble her own eggs for her bedtime snack.

3) I want to remember how my son Josef is so good at helping his little sister. On Sunday, he dressed her and did her hair while I was curling my hair. I was touched at how gentle he was as he combed her hair.

4) I want to remember how my oldest son has started learning how to drive. He isn't scared--probably because I am doing all the worrying for him.

5) I want to remember how my girls snuggle together and just love each other.

6) I want to remember my son, Trent, finding panda bears all over the store and teasing me about them just because.


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