Sunday, February 21, 2016

Spiritual Sunday: Developing Spiritual Habits

Do you remember the story of Peter walking on water in the New Testament? Christ had sent his apostles ahead of him on a ship on the sea of Galilee (which, incidentally, is a fresh water lake in the upper part of Israel). A storm had cropped up and the apostles are alarmed. (I always kind of wonder at this. At least some of these men were fisherman so they probably knew the lake in and out. Incidentally, the Sea of Galilee is shaped like a bowl, so when a storm comes around the waves getting going pretty high.) Anyhow, in the middle of this tempest tossed sea, Christ comes walking to them on the water. Peter, in a burst of faith, jumps out of the boat and starts walking toward Christ. Then, he starts rethink his situation, loses his focus on the Savior and starts to sink. He reaches out to the Savior, who saves him, and reminds him that if his faith had been stronger, he would have been fine.

Peter seems to have a bit of a hot head and jumps impulsively into situations. I think there have been so many times when my faith is like a bright flame that burns out too quickly, much like a lit match. In an effort to cultivate a steady faith, I've been working on developing habits to nurture my faith. I study my scriptures daily (most often in the morning before my children awake) and I'm feeling a steadiness and stability in my soul that is very comforting.

I don't know why it took me so many years, but I'm finally starting to realize that slow and steady wins the race. I need the benefits of consistency to sustain me. I need a steady, strong, stable faith to help me weather the storms that are inevitable.

What do you do to cultivate your faith through daily habits?


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