Monday, February 15, 2016

On Blogging...

For the past year, I stopped blogging. I didn't know what to write about. Then I started going back through my older blogs and just found so much joy in reading what I had written. I write to record memories, share family stories, process complex issues, talk about mothering, etc. Blogging is my online journal. I want to get back into blogging on a daily basis. I have a goal to blog for a month Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday. I want to do this for a month and assess how I feel about it. To be clear, I don't care about blogging for an audience. If people read my work, I feel happy. But mostly I write for myself, to process my life and thoughts.

Here's my template for the week:

Spiritual Sunday: I will blog about spiritual things, thoughts, promptings, and my scripture study.
Mothering Monday: I will blog about parenting and my kids.
Traveling Tuesday: I will blog about my travel adventures and life as an expat. This gives me a chance to explore experiences that happened that I haven't written about yet. Also, I may blog about places I want to explore in the future.
Wondering Wednesday: I will blog about questions or thoughts I have.
Throwback Thursday: I will blog about pictures, stories, or experiences in the past. This day will also be dedicated to family history stories.
Favorite Things Friday: I will link to favorite articles and blogs I've read over the week.
Saturday: I'm not going to plan for anything this day. If I feel inspired to write about something, I will post it on this day. Otherwise, I won't put pressure on myself to produce something.


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