Monday, August 29, 2016

Mothering Monday: Summer Confessions of a Mom

I let my kids sleep in their clothes with dirty feet, dirty faces, and dirty teeth.

I only washed the bathing suits a few times and instead just threw them in the dryer to dry for the next day of swimming.

I seriously neglected the laundry.

I forced my older kids to go on outings to the local zoo and to the beach.

I let the older kids go on biking expeditions around our village hunting for Pokemon Go.

I locked my kids outside while I cleaned the house because it was grossing me out.

I let the kids watch TV or play games on their devices all day.

I made the kids do chores and clean the house.

I forced everyone to clean out their clothes and toys and we got rid of bags and bags of stuff.

I took the kids swimming frequently and only brought along a few snacks.

I made the kids play outside without any electronic devices.

I let the kids sleep outside without an adult supervising.

I made lots of frozen and prepared foods like burritos, taquitos, etc.

I let the kids stay in their pjs all day.

I made the kids mow the lawn.

I woke the kids up around 8 a.m. and made them help me with stuff around the house.

I ignored the mess and did my own little fun things.

I stayed up late watching movies with my husband.

I skipped FHE and went to a movie with friends.

I took my kids on tons of outings to the local fair, local zoo, beach, etc.

How was your summer? Did you let your hair down and relax? Did you get on a tight schedule?


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