Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Travel Tuesday: Albany

Albany is the capitol of New York state. Its a cute town, almost embarrassingly small compared to its crazy sibling down south (NYC). I don't know of anyone that travels to Albany for fun, unless you are a government official and you consider politics fun...

My daughter was invited to participate in a State Children's Honor Choir and has been practicing all summer long for the two day event. I loved the music the kids learned: They sang 6 pieces: Alleluia (a piece by Bach-sung in German), Sim Shalom (a Hebrew song), The Mango Walk (a fun Jamaican song), Night and Day (a Jazz style song about the moon), Marokeni (an African greeting song), and the final piece, Will You Teach Me? She and her choir mates rehearsed the bulk of yesterday and part of the morning today. They performed this afternoon at the Hilton hotel. They had a marvelous director who was so engaging and light in his teaching that the kids didn't even realize how much knowledge they gained during practice.

While my daughter rehearsed, I took myself on a fantastic date. I checked into our hotel, treated myself to a gorgeous room service hamburger, watched HGTV, scrapbooked, took a leisurely bubble bath, and read. I rarely get time alone and often have such a full plate that this was an afternoon/evening of unparalleled delight. I must say that I am an excellent date.

After I picked up my daughter from her rehearsal, we went back to the hotel where she went swimming with a bunch of the other kids in the choir. They all had a blast screaming at the top of their lungs and splashing enthusiastically. I made the right call in opting to hang out on a lounge chair and read. Later we sat in our beds in our room and watched TV together. She had total control of the remote and relished in making all the choices.

The next morning, we enjoyed a leisurely and fun morning. I got ready while she watched more TV. Then we went to the pool and she swam some more. She loves the water as much as I did at her age. Then we went back to our room and finished getting ready. I dropped her off at the hotel rehearsal room and went on a little adventure of my own.

The Hilton is right near the capitol building. I walked around outside taking pictures and exploring the area. The State government buildings are beautiful, massive, and filled with people working. As much as I enjoyed looking at them, I couldn't help but think that those buildings are the reason we have such high taxes in New York. I got to see St. Peter's Church, a church that was built in the early 1800s on the site of older churches.

The view from the church looking downtown was pretty cool.

Then I walked up to the New York State Capitol building which is very impressive. The statue is of General Sheridan of Civil War fame. He won the battle of Shenadoah and also is known for the burning he did in the south. (What a legacy--and yet there he is, in front of the state building...)

I walked over to another square of buildings that featured a building called The Egg, which apparently is a theater. Some of the architecture in this square reminded me of science fiction films where the entire world is now being controlled by a mind-numbing device.

After my walk, I grabbed some food from a street cart. The Greek truck catered my inability to choose between the gyro and falafel and combined them-bless him! I ran and picked up my daughter from the hotel and we walked back to the capitol for lunch.

After lunch, we returned to the hotel and my little girl sang her heart out for the concert. I cried a bit at the beautiful music. After the concert, we went to a mall where she found a store she has been dying to investigate--the Build-a-Bear store. With her birthday money, she built a bear.

Now we are back home and I feel refreshed and ready to return to normal life and my position as "everything" at home.


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Nicole Salisbury said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful time! You two both deserved time and space away from the busyness of home! I love that she sang her heart out and that you cried. ❤️❤️