Monday, March 28, 2016

Mothering Monday: My Three Younger Children

Last week my youngest three children and I drove to Kentucky to visi my sister and her family. Because there is a much bigger gap between these three children than my oldest three boys, I often call this group my second batch. My daughter is nine, my son is six, and the baby is two years old. We broke up our drive to Kentucky into two days of driving. On the first day, my daughter, B, stretched luxuriously in the front seat and told me with satisfaction, "This is the best trip ever because I am with my favorite family members."   She sometimes has a difficult time with her older brothers.

Indeed, the whole trip felt a little magical to me. B and J were just so sweet and helpful as they reveled in the feeling of being the big kids. They were so careful when we stopped and did their best to keep an eye on their wild, toddler, baby sister. 

They were so happy when we opted to stay at a hotel. That felt like a real treat to them. They particularly liked being able to choose a show on TV. Usually the older boys pick the shows. 

During the week we chose activities they enjoyed and ate food they loved. 

Spending time together was really special. I am really grateful for  our vacation..


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