Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Favorites: A Course in Productivity and Mastery

Freakonomics consistently produces an interesting and informative podcast that I don't ever want to miss. The past few weeks have focused on various aspects of mastery and productivity. I learned quite a lot from the episodes and think that everyone should listen for a mini-course on personal improvement.

The first episode, How to Be More Productive, focuses on both personal and work productivity. There were lots of insights to be gleaned, especially as a busy mother to six children.

The second episode, How to Be Great at Just About Anything, discusses the elements that are needed to achieve mastery and excel. Both talent and significant effort are important.

The third episode, a bonus episode, is an extended interview with author, Malcom Gladwell.

The fourth episode, How to Get More Grit in Your Life, gave me a lot of insights and points to ponder about grit.

The fifth episode, How to Win Games and Beat People, while funny and oddly charming, wasn't as helpful. Then again, I do not enjoy competitive games. If you are a game player, this would be worth your time.

The sixth, and final episode, How to Be Tim Ferriss, nicely rounds out the series.

Have you listened to this series? Was it helpful to you? What insights did you glean?


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