Thursday, May 5, 2016

Throwback Thursday: 9 years of May

I was scrolling through photos trying to find a trigger for a Throwback Thursday when I decided to just sample some May pictures from 2007-2015. It is a fun illustration of my life.

Our family is living in Sweden. We have four kids--ranging from seven years to one year old. At the beginning of May, we explored the beautiful Skane countryside. We went to Ale's Stenar and to an old castle. I remember that day well.

At this time we are now living in New York. I got my hair cut and it has never been so long since then.

I was pregnant and also barely recovering from a long, sustained, and unexplained illness. That was a hard time. This is also a really bad picture of me because of the angle and the lighting, making me appear bigger than I was.

A much better year. Two of my sons performed in our ward Talent Show. I sang and played the piano as well.

I took my two youngest children to a toddler park. And yes, my baby was wearing his PJs.

We are living in Saudi Arabia. My toddler and I would spend time outside on our backporch where he had a sand box. I would hose him off when done playing. We all spent a lot of time playing outside and enjoying the freedom of the compound.

Still in Saudi Arabia. I took my daughter to a princess party. My oldest son broke his thumb.

Back in New York. We had pictures taken of our precious baby, Winter. She is so beautiful!

My sister came to visit me in New York and our babies both enjoyed and tortured one another.

The day is cold and I have been relaxing. The flowers in my yard are beautiful.

That was ridiculously fun to look back on the last nine years. What a fun snapshot of my life.


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