Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Travel Tuesday: Traffic in NYC

I live about an hour north of New York City. Technically, my community could be considered a suburb of the city. We live close enough that going to the city for cultural and other events is feasible and frequent.

I avoid going to the city though--because of the traffic and the expense.

First, traffic is pretty bad. Two weeks I drove my sister 20 miles across town to get her to the airport. It took us 2 hours and I never went above 13 mph, until we got 2 miles away from the airport. That is pretty typical. I don't like sitting in traffic. I don't like the volume of cars and the roads are really narrow, so there is very little leeway if one has problems.

Second, it is expensive to go to the city. Tolls dot practically every road going into the city and it is a real schlepp to go out of one's way to avoid the tolls. We have an EZ pass so we are automatically charged for any tolls we go through. Then you have to pay for parking. We try to use our little car in the city because our big SUV gets charged extra to park--if you can find a parking garage that will take you. I usually plan on spending at least $40 to park.

If you take the train, it costs $22/round trip per person going during non-peak hours. If just a couple of people are going, that is a fine option, especially if people want to feel like they have had an authentic NYC experience. Otherwise, it really adds up when you take a big group.


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