Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spiritual Sunday: Serving

My stomach knotted with worry as the name of a woman came to my mind. I knew I had to call her and ask if we could meet. Would she accept my call and allow me to visit her? Nervously, I dialed the number and spoke with Molly. She hesitantly agreed to allow me to visit and we scheduled an appointment.

The day came for our meeting arrived. What would I say? Would she understand my desire to see her? Would she take offense if I said the wrong thing? My questions began to take on the cadence of a prayer as I asked for help from Heavenly Father in speaking to Molly. 

Molly greeted me shyly with a smile when she answered my knock. We spoke of happy things as she shared with me some of her successes. We both relaxed into our conversation as I turned it to ask how she was really doing. 

Tentatively she began sharing her struggles, her feelings of darkness and despair, and her fears for the future. My heart ached as I listened to her very real challenges. But I also felt a great swelling of love and compassion for her--it was love and compassion that was more divine and true. Without much effort, words of reassurance, kindness, compassion and love spilled out of my mouth. We spoke for a long time. 

When I left Molly, I felt filled with light. The words I shared with her did not come from me, but from God. Somehow, in that moment, He had allowed me to transmit thoughts and ideas to her. My poor friend had felt so isolated and separated from God but in some small measure that day, was able to feel God's love. I felt awed to be a part of something so miraculous. 

There are parts of serving as Relief Society president that are enormously grueling and difficult. Sometimes people are difficult and their problems are hard to bear. But then, there are those moments when you are serving and the moment is transformed by something greater. To be a part of those transforming moments is humbling and uplifting. 

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Handsfullmom said...

Well said. I have also had those moments when I can feel the Lord working through me. The best feeling in the world.