Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Favorites: Favorite Fiction Writers

I haven't written about books in a long time. I have several authors I enjoy reading. Here are a few that I would recommend.

Kate Morton crafts complex books which weave the past and present together in interesting and intriguing ways. If you are looking for mystery, family history, and the ways family secrets cause complex family challenges, then Kate's books are for you.

Anne Perry is probably the best historical crime fiction author I have ever encountered. She has the deepest, most intimate knowledge of human character that I have ever read in fiction. She has a few different series. Her Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mysteries are set in late Victorian London and feature a secret organization of people who undermine the government. The Monk series is set in London right after the Crimean War. I like this series best because Hester is a dynamic, fiercely independent nurse trying to make her way in a world which has very different standards for women. Monk is a man who has lost his past after getting hit over the head. Coming face to face with all his flaws, arrogance, and conceit and seeking to change is humbling. Anne Perry's five book series about World War I are the best fiction novels I have ever read about the war. A warning though, Perry deals with the darkest aspects of human nature and sometimes the novels are very violent--though never gratuitous.

L.M. Montgomery is a master at capturing the humorous and dark sides of ordinary rural people. Her breadth of work is wonderful. Her books are for the young and old alike. I find I never get tired of her stories and can read and reread them dozens of times. Once you get through the Anne and Emily series, there are other magical stories to discover. My favorite is The Blue Castle which hilarious and tender.

Who are your favorite authors? What books to you return to again and again?


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