Saturday, June 11, 2016

Scrapbook Saturday: Creative Energy

This post is part of my series about overcoming creativity killers. You can read part 1, part 2,  and part 3 before checking out this post. Or not. 

I apologize that this post doesn't have any pictures but this topic didn't exactly inspire pictures for me!

Twelve years ago, I was diagnosed with lupus. Ever since then I have been keenly aware of what parts of life, decision-making, child-raising, outdoor activities, etc. generate or drain energy. I also learned that to create, you must have energy. It is very hard to create out of a place of exhaustion. While creating requires energy, it also produces energy. Have you ever experienced a crafter's high? I have. It's that zing you feel when you have created a page that you love. It gives you a boost of energy and happiness.

Because I prioritize creating and consider it a form of self-care, I carefully assess my schedule and energy to determine the best time for creating. I can't craft in the evening anymore because I'm much too tired to make pages I'm happy with. Five of my six children are at school during the day. My baby/toddler takes a nap in the afternoon. In the mornings, we work on cleaning and any errands I have. Then I put her down to bed. Her naptime is my work time. I scrapbook, blog, or do other creative activities. Because that time is short, I have learned to work quickly and efficiently.

When she wakes up, I am done. I usually have a page completed and feel a welcome burst of energy to get through the rest of the day.

I usually don't scrap on Saturdays because that is our family day when we do projects like work on our garden, fix the deck, or household repairs. My husband likes me to be with him so we work together.

Things for you to consider:

1) Why should you make time to scrapbook? Why is it important to you? I think knowing the answer why will help you give yourself to put that time in your schedule.

2) When is your energy highest? What could you move around in your schedule to make time for creating when you are your peak?

3) What things are you wasting your time with that you could put to better use crafting? My time-suck is Facebook. I'm working hard to limit that so I make time for things that really matter to me.


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