Sunday, June 19, 2016

Spiritual Sunday: Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! I just wanted to take a few minutes to share words about the fathers who have made a difference in my life.

My dad is probably one of the most important people in my life. He has always been a loving dad and I could always count on him to give me hugs, encourage me, and build up my self-esteem. He was my first example of how a man should love a woman and his children. I have held every man I've met to that standard, and it is a high one. He ADORES my mother, so much in fact, that all my friends who know my parents have commented on it. My favorite times are talking with him while riding horses. We like to talk about horse racing, family history, the kids, and my mom. He is the best storyteller ever and can talk to just about anyone about almost anything.

I have been married to this man for 18 years. I have always known he would make a great father--I knew him when we were kids and teenagers. He has proven what an incredible dad he is over and over again. The night before our first child was born, I was scheduled to be induced. We went home and were supposed to rest for the big day. I was anxious and tried to sleep to physically prepare. This guy couldn't sleep all night because he was SO excited. He cried each time our babies were born. He loves being a father. He takes time to play with our kids. He teaches them how to do things, like building, or yard work, or repairing appliances. He always volunteers to do science demonstrations for our children's classes each year. He changes diapers, bathes babies, deals with disciplinary matters, and, best of all, managed all the driving lessons with our oldest. He's my hero. We wouldn't have the family we do without him.

Yes, that's my father-in-law, buried by his grandkids. This pretty much sums up everything about him. He is a loving, caring, and involved father. He enjoys playing with and teasing his grandchildren. I can always count on him. He is 100% service oriented and without fail, you can always find him helping someone--whether it be his kids. On one trip to NY, he spent the bulk of the trip fixing our cars, packing, and helping us move. He taught his boys how to be decent, honest, and good men. I'm so grateful for him and for the good that he brings to my life and my children's lives.

Happy Father's Day! Who inspires you?

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