Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Favorites: Learning from a Scrapbooker

Scrap Gals hosts a delightfully funny, educational, and interesting podcast about scrapbooking. A few weeks ago, they shared an episode called Scrapping the Pain Away with guest Andrea Bethke. Andrea suffers from an extremely painful chronic condition where she is constant pain from her nerve endings. This was an incredibly powerful show. I appreciate Andrea Bethke's drive to make her life meaningful as she scraps and finds a way to live through the pain.

I appreciated Tracie Claiborne's admonition that we aren't our pain or our condition. Truer words have never been spoken. I was diagnosed with lupus 12 years ago and I had to take this to heart. I do speak about my disease to help others learn, but it isn't my identity. It affects my life, but it doesn't run or rule my life.

I appreciated the strong message to find gratitude, happiness, and joy when experiencing extreme suffering. I think this is a life lesson every person in the world will have to learn. Many of us do not learn it but if you get that secret, you are a remarkable person.

I also appreciate the analysis and discussion of scrapbooking as a powerful tool to express gratitude, process pain and challenges, and transcending difficulty and tragedy.

Please listen to this episode. Even if you have no interest in scrapbooking, this has some profound life lessons everyone needs to hear. 


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