Sunday, June 26, 2016

Spiritual Sunday: Sow to Yourselves in Righteousness

I read the book of Hosea a few months ago. It completely stopped me in my tracks, with the prophet, Hosea's compelling pleas to Israel and Judah. Verse 12 in chapter 10 has become my new favorite scripture.

Sow to yourselves
in righteousness,
Reap in mercy.
Break up
your fallow ground;
For it is time
to Seek the Lord.
till He come
and rain Righteousness
upon you.

I love the imagery in this verse. I love the idea of planting seeds of faith and righteousness in my life. I love the idea of reaping in mercy and kindness to others. I love the idea of breaking of the ground in my heart and preparing it for the rain of righteousness from the Lord to come down upon me.

I asked my friend, an artist, RUOILED, to create a picture for me of this verse. And this is what she made.

Do you have a favorite scripture that has really touched you? Do you do Bible journaling?


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