Saturday, June 18, 2016

Scrapbook Saturday: Organizing Scrap Supplies

This is the fifth piece in a series about overcoming creativity killers. You can read about creativity killers, story prompts, making kits, and creative energy by clicking on the links.

When your scrapping supplies are scattered and disorganized it can be totally overwhelming. Disorganization wastes precious time and drains creative energy leading to little productivity and a lot of frustration.

I'm not an expert at organization so I can't give you an hard and fast tips. I generally tailor my scrap organization to the space I have available. I think that organizing also depends on your personality and how you think and the process you go through to create.

Kits are an excellent way to store product as you group it together in a way that it gets used and seen.

I organize in a couple of different ways:

1) I organize by kit. Kits are stored together so I can flip through them when working on a project to find something that suits my story.

2) Sort by type. I store paper together. Cardstock goes in its own holder. Collection paper gets stored together so I can use it as it generally matches, taking out the guess work. I store scrap paper together in a box. Letter stickers, different types of embellishments, punches, washi tape, mist, etc. all get stored with like items. I know where everything is so I can quickly grab and craft.

I know there are a ton of blog posts and YouTube videos about this topic. What are your favorite posts or tips about organizing? Do you rely on help or you can you figure out a method on your own?

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