Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Favorites: The Billings Montana Temple

One of the highlights of our trip west was going to the Billing Montana Temple. My parents work there on Wednesdays. I prepared some family names and my boys were able to perform baptisms for the dead with their dad and grandfather officiating. We watched my sister's three boys as she went to the temple and performed ordinances. Then, after my sister-in-law picked up our kids, Brent and I went to do sealings. With my parents, we were able to do several family names, sealing children to parents. It was sweet and sacred. I love the temple and I love doing family history work. 

 The sky in Montana is incredible. I couldn't get over how beautiful the temple looked from every angle that day.

The Prisma app takes regular pictures and turns them into works of art. I loved the different styles on the app.


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