Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Travel Tuesday: Devil's Tower

Tucked in the mountains of northern Wyoming off the main roads is a towering formation called Devil's Tower. When I was a little girl I heard stories of the Native American Folklore surrounding this awe-inspiring formation.

A group of little girls were out playing and were chased by bears. They ran to a big rock, dropped to their knees, and prayed fervently for deliverance. In answer, the Great Spirit caused the rock to rise up to the sky. As it rose, the bears clawed at the rock, causing the deep grooves in the tower. When the girls reached the sky, they were turned into star formation Pleiades. Something about that story has captured my imagination for decades. Upon seeing Devil's Tower in June, I could imagine people gathered around a fire or sitting on a rock at night and looking at the stars and the tower.

On our final day of traveling from New York to Wyoming, we stopped at Devil's Tower. My sister met us there and we walked around the base. It's an easy walk. My older boys decided to run instead of walk and finished very quickly.

The views are pretty spectacular and there are great boulders off the trail for curious kids to climb and explore.

The views from the base out to the surrounding countryside are also pretty spectacular. The countryside is ranching country and it makes my inner cowgirl heart go pitter-patter.


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