Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Travel Tuesday: My Dream Christmas Vacation

Christmas makes me grumpy and stressed. The decorating, the gift buying, the concerts, the events, the dinners, and the parties all take time, effort, and money. Every December, I feel like I'm barely holding on getting through all of it. Most of it aren't things that I plan, but things I feel obligated to attend, like school concerts my kids are performing in. This would be a good time to shift my focus from the details, but... I'm feel pretty like Scrooge in July, so instead, I would rather tell you my Christmas fantasy.

In my Christmas fantasy, I would like to buy each kid one meaningful gift. Right after school gets out, I would like to fly south to the Caribbean to a beautiful resort. I would like to stay in a clean and comfortable bungalow with all the amenities. It would be great if the bungalow were right on the beach. Then, for a week, I would like to just wake up, get everyone breakfast, and then spend all day playing on the beach and in the ocean. Nothing else. No frantic racing about to buy gifts or go to events.

On Christmas day, I would like to wake up early with my family, exchange gifts that meant something to all of us, and then spend the day on the beach.

That's all I need--some sun, sand, and surf.

What's your Christmas fantasy?


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