Sunday, July 17, 2016

Spiritual Sunday: Why I Do Family History

This Sunday's lesson was about Hastening Family history and Temple Work.  Here are a few reasons why I do family history and temple work.

  • I love my ancestors and want to share with them the blessings I have received from the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • I want to know about my ancestors.
  • I want to understand where I came from.
  • It is interesting to study about ancestors' lives.
  • Learning stories, both the good and bad, gives me greater appreciation for my life.
  • Knowing their stories helps me be more resilient in my own challenges.
  • I feel more connected when I go to the temple for an ancestor.

Why do you do family history and temple work?


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Nicole Salisbury said...

I do it for the same reasons. I love this post! Mostly, I like to do it for the stories. I feel connected to them more when I am researching genealogy. Then, when I do their temple work, I am glad that I can serve them and strengthen that bond through doing their work.