Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Travel Tuesday: Across the USA

Just a few pictures from our journey across the USA back to New York.

 All eight of us bundled into our car. 

 The wide prairie...

 The only time that Winter looked cute on the trip. Notice she is watching the ipad and Brooke's new doll is hanging out beside her.

 Passed a Champion Bull Rider a time or two. He was wearing his cowboy hat and I wondered why he was wearing a hat indoors and if that was comfortable on a long drive.

We always got to the hotel late, crashed, and then were up early in the morning to get back on the road.

 When Winter was tired, she would cover her face with her blanket and go to sleep.

 Doing some yoga in the bathroom after a diaper change...

 Gourmet travel food...
 Practicing funny faces while discussing a potential movie about driving across the USA the Wacaser way.
 A covered bridge in Ohio

 Finally, back in New York and it is SOOOO green, like Garden of Eden green.

 Almost home again, thank goodness.


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3T's said...

I love "the Wacaser Way" that is so great!!