Monday, July 18, 2016

Mothering Monday: Getting to Know Cousins

My children live hundreds, and thousands, of miles away from their cousins. It is one aspect of our lives that I wish I could change. When we are able to connect with family, I really appreciate how my kids get to interact and play with their cousins. This trip to Wyoming was very special because they were able to spend time with the majority of their cousins. Here are just a few of those special moments.

 Hunter and Jonathan

Hallie and Brooke

 Walter and Que

 Tiffany, Winter, Trey, Duffy, Jonathan

 Spencer and Jack

 Jessica and Que

 Seth, Toby, Josef, Jarrett, Jonathan, Jessica, Christopher

 Brooke, Hallie, Seth, Trisha, Trey, Duffy, Christopher, Tanner, Spencer

 Aunt Lori, Winter, Brooke

 Winter and Jarrett

 Winter and Scott

 Shealynn and Winter

 Trent, Seth, Isaac, Jonathan, Walter, Jarrett, Blake, Josef, Scott

 Morgan, Walter, Winter, Brooke, Jonathan

 Aunt Lori, Winter, and Jack

 Tiffany and Morgan



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Oh I love all of these!!!