Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites: Productivity, Parenting Memes, Third-Culture Kids, On Writing

As a mother to six kids with a lot of side interests, I am very interested in the subject of productivity and how I can be most productive in my life. Freakonomics aired a recent podcast on this subject.

These 50 parenting memes nail the humorous side of parenting.

I first learned about Third-Culture Kids (TCKs) when I moved to Saudi Arabia. The concept explained a lot of what my children were experiencing and gave me a lot of comfort about how to deal with our globe-trotting, ex-pat lifestyle--that we are not currently living. Finding Home Between Worlds explores this concept and offers excellent advice for global families navigating the complexities of a nomad lifestyle.

And finally, another brilliant piece about writing from the Atlantic, where author Kathryn Harrison discusses writing in "To Write, Stop Thinking".  Harrison deftly analyzes and discusses Joseph Brodsky's poem, "On Love" and also reflects on the power of writing. She says,

"I have to write. It’s not an option. When I write, I am literally building myself a place in which to live. Once I’m firmly established within the narrative I pop awake in the morning and it’s the first thing I think about. Not in an analytical way, as in “Oh, I haven’t really reached the crisis point and it’s already page 200—I’d better work on that.” It’s very much just running towards and into the place I most want to be."


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