Monday, April 18, 2016

Mothering Monday: A Round-up of Memorable Moments from Last Week

  • My husband gave a talk about service yesterday in church. Last night, my six-year old son tidied up the basement and my bedroom as an act of service to me. He was so proud of himself for doing something so nice. I was so touched by his very meaningful and practical gesture.

  • My 9-year old daughter keeps talking about turning ten in August. She wants to plan her party and talks about getting her ears pierced and becoming a pre-teen. I am feeling an acute sense of panic thinking of her approaching her middle years before she turns a teenager. She goes to Middle School in the fall and I am dreading the negative things that await her. I am very anxious that all the sweet things about her personality will morph or will be hardened as she deals with the typical challenges of middle school. 

  • We took a couple of ladies home from church yesterday. Both are deaf and use ASL to communicate. I explained to the kids that both women were deaf. The ride to their home was completely silent. My kids did not say a word or make a sound. When the ladies got out of the car at their apartment building, the sound in the car erupted like a volcano. I can't stop laughing about it. 

  • My toddler says "thank you" when you change her diaper or help her with something. It is the sweetest thing and melts my heart every time.

  •  My oldest son is learning how to drive. It scares me to death but I know that he needs to practice to become skilled. At first he told me how much he hated driving, but now he asks to drive at every opportunity. He is getting a lot better. I'm still scared though. My heart pounds, my palms get sweaty, and my muscles are rigid with tension. I try very hard not to make him anxious. Maybe if I took a valium before we went driving...

  • We went to a Buddhist Monastery yesterday and found a very cranky looking statue. I snapped the best picture of my kids right by the statue.

  • People have teased me my whole life. My dad teases me. Boys at school teased me mercilessly. My husband teases me. And now my kids tease me. I guess I have the best reactions and they find get an unholy pleasure out of ribbing me. It drives me crazy, but also makes me happy that my kids and I can joke and laugh together.
  • My boys and I share funny memes and jokes from the internet. 
  • I realized that my oldest son has managed to find a way to speak and present without doing speech and debate. He is doing a Science Research Program and has to prepare presentations all the time. I love he is unknowingly combining parts of his dad's personality and my personality to create something relevant to him. I competed in Speech and Debate competitions in high school and my husband is a scientist.

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