Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Travel Tuesday: Things People Who Have Lived and Traveled Abroad Frequently Know and Do

1) You have at least four forms of identification for each person in your family--and you know exactly where each is located.

2) You keep digital and paper copies of your identification at all times.

3) You know how to take a passport photo of a newborn baby.

4) You keep all your kids' school records organized so you can produce it at a moment's notice to a new school.

5) You have picture IDs from different countries.

6) You know how to take your own passport photo.

7) You make and keep multiple copies of your passport photo.

8) Your smallest children have stamps and visas from countries they don't even remember.

9) When your child is in Social Studies they have probably visited many of the countries discussed in class.

10) Your kids don't want to tell classmates all the places they have lived and visited.

11) When you go back to the U.S. you bring empty suitcases and then fill them up with your favorite treats. Who needs clothes--we need candy, peanut butter, or cereal....

12) You learn to purge ruthlessly. You don't need most things you own.

13) You start to have favorite airports and know what to do in each airport to pass the time.

14) You have currency from many different countries stuffed in random places.

15) Your kids have learned or started to learn at least two or three different languages.

16) You mark periods in your life by where you lived.

17) You have weird travel stories.

18) You have visited a U.S. embassy or consulate on more than one occasion.

19) You dread the question, "Where are you from?" because you don't know what to say.

20) Your family has favorite restaurants, playgrounds, museums, streets, in different countries.

21) People ask you for travel advice.

22) You have adapters for all different types of electrical outlets that you might encounter.

23) You have small kitchen appliances from other countries and have a giant adapter to run them on.

24) You dream in a foreign language.

25) You know exactly when your passport will expire.

26) You request extra pages for your passport.

27) You privately celebrate holidays from other countries.

28) Your children consider their grandparents' home as their real home because that is where they always return to.

29) You treat everyplace you live like you are a tourist and tend to explore more than the average local.

30) During your vacation in your home country, you have a bucket list of food you want to eat and stores you want to shop at.

What's on your list?


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