Thursday, April 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Preschool Memories

My strongest memories of my early childhood revolve around school and working with paper and pencils. I have always loved school. When I was little, I was desperate to attend school. My older sisters tell me that more than once I tried to sneak onto the school bus with them.

I have a vague memory before I started preschool where I got to ride a bus with a bunch of other little kids and we went to a "tester" preschool. My memories of that trip are pretty vague, but I do think I played with a cool play kitchen. I also remember feeling so excited to have a chance to go to school.

I attended a Head Start preschool in my hometown in what is now the Cody Convention Center--this is where the old outdoor pool used to be. My most vivid memories of preschool are this very intricate tile work on the floor of our classroom. I must have been mesmerized by the pattern because I can still clearly remember it 35 years later. When I was 19, I took an exercise class in the Convention center and was surprised to find the tile still there in the upper room. Seeing it brought me right back to being in preschool.

I used to carry a little backpack around, filled with pens and paper and I would pretend to write. When we visited my dad at his shop for his construction company, my dad's secretary would let me work on her desk. She would pull out a little tray on her desk and I would put my paper and pens on the tray and start working.

I think the very core of my personality includes a deep and innate love of learning. I am still that way. Nothing excites me more than learning something new. I think that is one of the reasons why I like living abroad because it forces me into a very real classroom where I have to learn and adapt.


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