Saturday, April 9, 2016

Scrapbook Saturday: I Gotta Help the Guys

This was a really tricky layout for me to create. I had envisioned something much different when planning it.

The Story

When we lived in Saudi Arabia, my youngest son, who was three at the time, received a yellow tool box with toy tools. Because we lived in a compound, we would call maintenance if anything needed repaired. When the guys would come over, Jonathan would grab his toolbox and tell me he needed to "help the guys". 

The Photos

These are some old photos, somewhat blurry, depicting Jonathan helping the guys with his yellow toolbox. I cropped the photos and matted them.

The Products

I used Bazzil Basics textured cardstock, Becky Higgins Project Life Jade Edition, Basic Grey Die-Cut cardstock and Transparencies, and AC Remarks Letter Stickers.

The Method

Originally, I had this idea to layer the Project Life Cards in a circle shape on the cream cardstock. I actually thought the idea was really cute and it looked great on the page. However, when I put the pictures and components, I realized so much was going on visually that the story and pictures weren't standing out as they should. So I took off all the pictures and journaling cards and started over again with the brown and cream cardstock.

It took me forever to find an arrangement that I liked. Eventually, I hit on the idea of layering the cards behind the pictures and journaling cards. I had already put glue on several of the die-cut pieces, so I started to frame the pictures and cards tightly with the die-cuts. Eventually, I felt good about what I had created. At first I thought I was finished, but then I realized that the page felt unbalanced. There was too much white-space in the lower right corner.

The gap really bothered me. So I ended up adding more die-cuts which helped reduce the white space and making it feel more balanced.

I do feel like it is a very busy page, but the pictures and journaling cards do pop and lead you around the page, telling the story. 


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