Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wondering Wednesday: Feeling Gratitude

I am grateful for spring flowers, like these daffodils, that make me feel happy and hopeful. They signal sunshine and being outside.

 I am grateful that I can bake delicious food. I'm grateful for creativity that allows me to tweak recipes. I am grateful for delicious food.

 I am grateful for this boy here--for his quest for knowledge, his kindness, his wild hair that reminds me of my grandpa's hair, and his silliness.

 I am grateful for the chance to hang out and chill with my kiddos.

I am grateful for a husband who can do things, like change a flat tire. He is always looking at for me. I love that he can do home repair. He never complains about fixing things.
 I am grateful for the forsythia in my yard.

 I am grateful for my youngest daughter, who is my constant companion. She is funny and delightful.

 I am grateful for this goofy face and instigator of all mischief in our house.

 I am grateful for scrapbooking; for its creative outlet, for recording family memories, and for the stress relief it provides.
 I am grateful that my sixteen-year old will curl up with his baby sister and watch toddler shows.

 I am grateful for the opportunity I have to travel with my family.
 I am grateful for this little boy. I am grateful he does homework and that he eats chicken nuggets.
I am grateful for my daughters.


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