Saturday, April 16, 2016

Scrapbook Saturday: Egypt Memorabilia and Two Family Pages

This week I grappled with creative problems and tried to learn some new things. I am using a free trial of Big Picture Classes and trying to decide if I like the format. My first impression is that I do not like the new style of online Scrapbook education. There is a lot of reading and ironically, I do not learn by reading. I prefer an audio. They don't have nearly as much video and it is kind of hard to digest the information. My goal is to use the site everyday for a month. But I seriously doubt I will do a subscription to the site. I would much rather spend my money on Noell Hyman's site, Paperclipping.

So this week, I played with patterned paper and pictures from an Easter Egg Hunt. I have to be honest, after 16 years of scrapping Easter Egg hunts, I am done. I don't mind using the app to documents those events, but I feel no inspiration to traditionally scrapbook those events. There just isn't anything to journal about that feels meaningful.

Creating pages has been a real struggle for me lately. I don't feel particularly inspired or feel like I have stories to tell. I love mixing patterned papers together and usually am really skilled at this. I couldn't get the page to work. I tore it apart more than once. It's still cute and includes a picture of my daughter at her first egg hunt.

The second page I made this week was for an assignment for a Design Principles class by Meghann Andrews. This lesson was about asymmetrical balance. I know I am good at creating symmetrical layouts that are very balanced and stable. But asymmetrical composition is a tough one that I still struggle with. I copied Meghann Andrews layout, but I am still not sure if I like it. I do LOVE the photo and tried to create the feel of my oldest daughter expressing her vigor and vim for life.

Today, I was sorting through scrapbook kits for a different layout and found my bag of Egypt ephemera and memorabilia. I was so happy because I have been searching for the bag for two months--and rifled through this particular box about a dozen times. I had given up finding it and had worked to complete the 2-volume set documenting our 2012 trip to Egypt. I sorted the ephemera into categories and assembled several pages with postcards. In Luxor, we were not allowed to bring cameras inside the tombs, or even into the Valley of the Kings. I purchased a package of postcards from vendors with the intention of putting them in the scrapbook albums. The postcards show vividly some of the wonderful tomb reliefs, showcasing the gorgeous colors and intricate carvings. I made eight pages and added them to the second album. I have a few more pages to put together, but it will be fast because I can use the pocket page protectors and Project Life cards.

I also created journal scrapbook pages each day, recounting the highs and lows of each day. I won't post those pages because they are more personal and private. I am probably over-documenting my life because I post pictures on instagram--which are then printed into chatbooks every 60 photos I submit, I'm documenting on nearly a daily basis on this blog, and then I scrapbook and journal scrapbook. I don't feel too guilty because I really enjoy it. I feel happier and more emotionally healthy than ever and I think the writing and creating is theraputic.


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