Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Travel Tuesday: Cincinnati Museum Center

I used to have two sisters who lived in Cincinnati, but now only one of them does. We try to go to Cincinnati at least once a year. This post is about one of our favorite places to visit.

 Cincinnati Museum Center

Cincinnati Museum Center is housed in the old Union Terminal and it is simply gorgeous! The architecture and style of the building are fantastic. It was built in the art deco style and opened in 1933.  Inside the main lobby, are these brilliant murals depicting the history of the Cincinnati area.

There are a few different museums housed in this building. They have a great rotating collection of interesting art and artistic ideas. But by far, our favorite place to go is the Duke Energy Children's Museum. Located in the basement of the building, this section is packed with interactive and interesting displays for kids to explore.

My kids usually play in the ball area first where they test the laws of physics and play hard.

Then they move onto the water play area where they explore water to their hearts' content. Then they run to the forest where they go up and down ladders, stairs, crawl through tunnels, play in a secret pirate ship, and jump on a spider's web. Seriously non-stop playing!

I love the miniature town as well. Kids engage in creative and constructive play for hours. They can shop at the grocery store, work at an ice cream parlor, take care of sick pets at the vet center, play house, dance, build houses, operate a play bulldozer, gas up their cars, etc.

Babies and toddlers can  explore and play in a special area that is safely contained from the active, older children.

After playing until everyone is exhausted, you can enjoy delicious ice cream from Graeters. They are the Rockwood Ice Cream Parlor, which has retained all the Art Deco 1930s charm you can imagine. Tiled booths are a visual treat to enjoy as you eat ice cream.

If I lived in Cincinnati, I would visit every week.


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